“Literally a weight has been lifted Mike. I’ve been over 140lbs since December and haven’t been able to go lower;

I was at 139 Friday, 138 over the weekend and 137 today… Wow!!

I love seeing the effects mind, body, and spirit ?
A couple major events have happened since Friday, but I feel like I am in a different space to handle them.  It’s been intense,

like camping (we say lol) but I’m optimistic that I can handle what I am given ❤

~J.N. – Hampton, NB

I crossed paths with Mike at a point in my life where I was questioning my beliefs and even with a very fulfilling life, often feeling like there was a missing piece that I just couldn’t figure out.

Throughout our coaching sessions, Mike shared with me some amazing knowledge and skills that helped me understand what it truly meant to be in touch with my spirituality. I have found great peace in my life, something that I had been in search of for a very long time. With this came some life changes that I otherwise would never have considered.

Mike has an amazing gift, and with it, tremendous patience and warmth. I could not have asked for a better mentor to have taught and guide me through some          pretty amazing life experiences 

~ K.R. – Quispamsis NB

I started seeing Mike to address pain in my lower back due to spondylolisthesis, a condition in the spine where the bones shift over one another, which I have had for over 10 years. I’ve been to chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and energy practitioners. After one treatment from Mike, within a day I felt better than I ever did after 10 visits to the chiropractor. I continue on the path to pain management and healing with Mike’s unique energy balancing modality, and am grateful for the mobility that improves each day.

~G.C. – Smithtown, NB

So thankful to know you and greatful for what you have helped to me see and learn. This is a journey and one I feel better equipped for what comes bring on the next step

~S.W. – Saint John, NB

My work with Mike over the last few years has been nothing short of enlightening and empowering.  When I came into see Mike, I was uncertain and unsure of my Being.  Each and every session I had, allowed me the opportunity to develop a keener awareness of my light, my brightness and most importantly my Being.  I have become more trusting of myself, and aware of how to manoeuvre through the ‘woes’ of my life, with more patience, awareness and Love.  I now, have more techniques and tools that can aid me in moments of being in places of deep, dark fear.

Life certainly is not easy, but I have chosen this path.  With this choice…I have learned that I can turn inwards, love and nurture me…this will echo and shine in those who have chosen to be in my life.  I am so grateful for having been brave enough to walk into Mike’s office, to be brave enough to be vulnerable and to be supported by Mike through some very difficult moments.  The safe, caring and powerful space Mike created, was nothing short of a gift.  I am forever grateful and blessed to have worked with Mike.

~ V.M. – Stouffville, ON

I first had the pleasure of working with Mike for massage therapy a dozen years ago.  When massage failed to provide the physical changes I so desperately needed, Mike suggested that I try the EnerQi Method to find relief.  I was initially skeptical, but after my first session I realized what a powerful technique this was and what a talented healer I had found in Mike.  He was always calm, professional and courteous in our sessions, even when topics of an extremely personal nature came up.  With his assistance, I was able to find myself again; release anger, fear and judgement from my heart; and to ultimately become a better version of myself.  I stepped away from energy work for a while as I didn’t feel that I needed it any longer, but Mike was always there for me whenever I needed a “tune up”.  It has been an honor to work with him and let him see the true essence of who I am as a person.  I would recommend him and his services with no hesitations, as I know from personal experience what a wonderful and talented healer he is, and how much relief and joy he can bring into your life.



~ I. P. – Markham, ON




During my first meeting with Mike I was struck by his opened hearted honesty, integrity and the high sacred energy that surrounded him. When I arrived home I immediately emailed his contact information to my family and intimate friends. As I write this, I pulled up that email and chuckled, I had entitled the email, ‘came across an interesting healer…” I had intended on putting off my appointment but thought I had to share the information with others.  I had experienced a car accident approximately nine years prior to meeting Mike and although I had made good progress with alternative therapies, I was still struggling with issues which resulted from the accident along with mind, body, soul issues. I knew meeting Mike was a special moment .

The next morning I woke up with more than the usual pain from the car accident and immediately knew my logic in putting off an appointment was ridiculous and completely absurd. I reached over for his contact information and booked his first available appointment. When I arrived for my appointment, I laughed as his previous client left the treatment room …. I asked my niece how she managed to get a booking before me.

My sessions with Mike have been nothing short of amazing and trans-formative. What makes Mike’s work exceptional is his ability to pinpoint with extraordinary accuracy the root problem, root cause and apply solutions. He openly shares, explains and addresses questions in the process with the goal of sharing his knowledge, experience and empowering others. He is far more than an ‘interesting healer’, he is an extraordinary healer working with sacred energies and an exceptionally gifted teacher. I am eternally grateful for his willingness to step aside and fully forward to share his special gifts of facilitating mind, body and spirit/soul healing with all.

I was very fortunate to have experienced a session with both Mike and Sylvie.  The energies were Divine, to say the least. It is as if our English language does not hold words to convey or describe the truly Sacred experiences; those are held in our hearts and can only be conveyed in a language of the heart from which we are all connected.

Mike’s work is sourced from the highest energies. Sacred truths cannot help but to resonante out. They are meant to be shared with all willing to learn, experience and take on the ensuing responsibilities. From that place of empowerment, life changes cannot help to be triggered from One’s Soul level. We then feel as though we walk our paths lighter, with more ease despite life’s inevitable lessons and challenges that appear along our way.

~ N.S. – Markham, ON




Working with Mike via distance since the spring of 2013 has been nothing short of incredible.  Not only did our first session yield an exciting new business opportunity within a matter of days, but over time I have witnessed huge shifts on every level.  With his keen intuition, Mike has been able to successfully hone in on important underlying factors to help me work through physical, mental and emotional blockages and to open me up to greater health, much joy and a sincere sense of fulfillment.  Lastly, I can attest that Mike is a gifted teacher and that he continually inspires me to follow my heart and to live my truth.





~ Melanie Halpert CBP – Montreal, QC





Thank you so much for the work you do.  The changes I have experienced are almost too good to be true!  I went from feeling stressed and anxious to feeling less afraid and like a weight has been lifted.  I have been able to better deal with all worries that in the past prevented me from enjoying life.  I have learned to appreciate and value who I am.  You have made such a difference in my journey through life.  Thank you!  Thank you!





~ R.C – Markham, ON






So far I have had nothing but good experiences working with Mike.  I have been able to feel the work quite clearly and can easily feel the energy.  The sessions at first did not last long but it did not take long for my body to adjust.  All of the work with Mike has only had good effects on my body, and I have felt a huge difference in my back every time I have had a session.  I have also felt lots of things release and I am becoming more in tune with myself each time.  I am overjoyed at my progress working with Mike.





~ R.V – Oshawa, ON




I first came to see Mike in November 2012, for Interstitial Cystitis – a chronic, incurable illness affecting the kidneys.  The pain had reached a point where sometimes simply functioning was difficult, and I couldn’t see any future where I would be able to enjoy my life again.  I had explored many alternative treatments, none of which bought much relief.  In the past I had recieved other forms of energy bodywork, so when I had my first session with Mike, I was quite surprised and concerned that I felt nothing at all during the treatment.



When I first started seeing Mike, I was still receiving acupuncture treatments three times a week; however I quickly realized that the only effective acupuncture treatments were the ones that coincided with the sessions I had with Mike.  After my second session with Mike, I stopped the acupuncture, as it had become quite apparent that the improvments were solely based on the work with Mike.



I had hoped for a 50% reduction in pain and vowed to be happy with that.  50% came within the first 3-4 sessions at which point I wanted more!  It has now been 3 months, and while there are still good and bad days, I can honestly say I have my life back.  My initial goal of treatment was to reduce pain.  Now, thanks to Mike, My goals are continued personal and spiritual growth.  I look forward to future sessions and I will forever be grateful.





~ C.V – Oshawa, ON





I have had various things addressed, such as fascial stretching, circulation problems,  excessive sweating, and a persistent lump in the throat that I had to constantly clear.  During a session with Mike, I felt my throat clear immediately and it has not come back since, and I felt a sense of relaxation and peace like never before.



My experience working with Mike has been nothing short of fantastic.  I could relate to most of the physical-emotional aspects of origin and the links that were addressed.  Overall I know when my body needs a balancing to reset and working with Mike helps me to get back to myself again!  Thank you for all you do.





~ M.M – Bolton, ON



Mike is one of the kindest healthcare providers I have ever met.  He is sincere and patient, and truly listens to your concerns and needs.  He is a gifted energy healer who can tune into the deeper wounds your body is expressing as physical symptoms.  Mike is such a caring person and trustworthy professional, and I highly recommend working with him.




~ M.H – Newmarket, ON

That was a great presentation!!! Your natural healing abilities and your passion for your art really shine through. And surprise of all surprises – I had a really good sleep. I slept through the alarm in fact. Thank you so much for this caliber of healing energy you bring to New Brunswick.





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