Understanding Kundalini

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term from ancient India that recognises the rising of an energy and consciousness which has been resting, coiled at the base of the spine, since birth.

It is the source of our Life Force

No Co-Incidence the symbol for health is…


Kundalini may unravel and arise due to Spiritual Practices (Yoga, Meditation, Life of Devotion), or in response to life events (Near Death Experience, Soul Family Encounter, Trauma).  It may move gradually, uncoiling like a snake, or quickly and explosively, into the gut, heart or straight out of the crown of the head.

This event can be a startling experience.  Sometimes frightening and chaotic, often blissful & euphoric.  Kundalini can trigger months, or more often, years of new sensations and changes in the person whose Kundalini has awakened.

It may feel like the body is completely re-wiring itself, and it does take time to adapt to these changes.  Your senses may become extremely heightened.

It is known in Eastern tradition to be a significant catalyst to spiritual realization & awareness, but it is rarely recognized in Western traditions.

It is possible to find this spiritual experience in some Native American teachings, and indigenous societies.  The image of a rising snake in the body suggests its existence in the esoteric art of many cultures. The ability to intensify and raise energy in the body has been explored for thousands of years.  It is a natural human potential that we are all born with the ability to achieve.

Kundalini awakening can stimulate a wide range of symptoms and changes, both positive and negative.  It can cause significant shifts in the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual being.  Opens the heart and mind to major shifts in perspective, and cause many unique and unfamiliar sensations including shaking, vibrating, spontaneous movement, visions, and many other new & incredible experiences.

Kundalini awakening gradually releases many patterns, conditions and delusions of the separate self.  It can be threatening to the ego because a person may feel a loss of interest in their old life and identity.  It also makes people who are unfamiliar with it, afraid they are ill or losing their minds.

We have been through it, and are fully trained and experienced to support you in all stages of your awakening.

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